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46 babies and counting

In an average year, approximately 200 babies are born in the Whidbey Family Birthplace. This year, 46 babies have been welcomed here through April 25.
46 babies and counting

Anne Jones was happy to have delivered her daughter, 5 month old Laneah Jones, at Whidbey Family Birthplace.

By Trish Nilsen, BSN, RNC-OB
Manager, Whidbey Family Birthplace

As manager of the Whidbey Family Birthplace, I can assure you that nothing brings us greater joy than welcoming a new baby into the world.

In the 10 years since I joined Whidbey General’s team, I have learned what a jewel the birth center is to our island community.

Our 20 registered nurses have approximately 300 years of combined experience in labor and delivery. More than half of our nurses carry advanced degrees and/or certification in related specialties. We are passionate and committed to personalizing our care by meeting the unique needs of every family at each birth.

Our families range from longtime residents who plan months ahead to come here, to island visitors and Navy families who were not planning to deliver here but whose babies had other ideas. All receive exceptional care.

Our skilled and compassionate team includes Robert Burnett, MD, Melissa Chinn, DO, James Giem, MD and Monica Anselmetti, MD.

Our excellent obstetric, pediatric and anesthesia providers are fellow community members who have dedicated their practices to helping us care for families. We have the most sophisticated equipment available and the expertise to use it if necessary.

I'm proud to share that we consistently receive the highest satisfaction scores from those we serve.

46 babies and countingGenerous community members, hospital staff and former patients often donate handmade quilts, hats and booties to benefit our newest island residents. That's the Whidbey Family Birthplace - a homey environment, an expert team and the highest quality care you will find.

To learn more, please visit the Whidbey Family Birthplace page or call us at 360-678-7656, ext. 1300 or 360-321-7656, ext. 1300 to arrange a complimentary tour.

"The labor and delivery nurses Wendy, Pat, Josie and Desi were fantastic!”


I was made comfortable by all staff.
They were attentive, cheerful and efficient.

Everyone at Whidbey General focuses on achieving the best possible patient outcomes. Read comments from our patients about the care they received. Want to share your own testimonial? Email myhospital@whidbeygen.org.



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