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Get Healthy with Whidbey Wellness

Whidbey Wellness is a six-week program at Whidbey General that teaches realistic and useful strategies to modify your lifestyle and improve your health. NEXT CLASS begins May 10; interview deadline is the week of May 2-6.

Whidbey Wellness has been helping people lead more vibrant, healthier lives since 2004.

Established and still led by exercise physiologist Mary Waters (left), Whidbey Wellness helps people take control of their health before complications such as high blood pressure or cholesterol occur. Each session includes 45 minutes of education and 45 minutes of exercise.

“Whidbey Wellness was ahead of its time,” says Michele Renninger, RN, manager of our Life Center for Essential Wellness. “Mary had the foresight to design a program that empowers participants and addresses both physical and emotional needs.”

Whidbey Wellness takes place in a small group setting, which is important to success, notes Renninger. “Changing old eating habits and reducing weight, stress or cholesterol is easier when we join others with similar goals,” she says. “Mary spends time helping each group gel, so participants continue to support each other after the program concludes.”

“Mary is very dedicated to the people she serves,” says Renninger. “I look forward to seeing this program continue to grow in the coming years.”

Learn more about upcoming sessions of Whidbey Wellness. For more information, contact Mary Waters at 360-678-7656 ext. 2130 or 360-321-7656, ext. 2130.


"60 Pounds Lighter"

This testimonial is from a Whidbey Wellness participant who titled his selfie “Last Winter’s Jeans.”

"I am retired, but a couple years ago I was a successful professional, a world traveled, well-educated and published college professor.

TestimonialI was also morbidly obese, deeply depressed, physically broken and desperately alone.

I heard of Whidbey Wellness at Whidbey General, but resisted yet another nutrition class ... been there, done that.

I was well educated, knew what I needed and had met with dozens of nutritionists and dietitians over the years.

They had facts, but were mostly clueless, never having traveled in my shoes. I was jaded to say the least.

But, for some reason I registered for Whidbey Wellness anyway.

I went to my initial meeting and met the indomitable Mary Waters. Almost immediately, I no longer felt like an old, broken down fat man.

She understood me, and I soon realized that this journey was going to be different.

She was invested in me and didn’t simply spout statistics. She had practical solutions and was not going to let me just slip away after the formal class concluded.

The tools I acquired have become a part of my daily life journey. It was lifesaving. 

Today I am nearly 60 pounds lighter, with normal blood pressure, A1C and lipid profile. I am more active and happier than I’ve been in many years.

And yes, Mary continues to track my progress. The lesson here is that there is no destination, only the journey.”


I was made comfortable by all staff.
They were attentive, cheerful and efficient.

Everyone at Whidbey General focuses on achieving the best possible patient outcomes. Read comments from our patients about the care they received. Want to share your own testimonial? Email myhospital@whidbeygen.org.



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