Whidbey General Hospital

Financial Arrangements

We are a limited credit granting institution. As a service to our you, the hospital will file insurance claims when policy benefits are assigned to the hospital. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure payment. People who have no insurance or choose to bill their own insurance, must make a deposit.

Financial arrangements are to be completed prior to discharge. We accept MasterCard and Visa cards only. We also provide financial assistance and can help with insurance questions.

Downloan an application for financial assistance.

Please call our financial counselor at 360-678-7656, ext. 4097 or 360-321-7656, ext. 4097 for assistance, or email us at myhospital@whidbeygen.org for more information.


I was made comfortable by all staff.
They were attentive, cheerful and efficient.

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Whidbey General Hospital's online bill payment system is an easy and secure way to pay your medical bill.