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Standards of Behavior

The Standards of Behavior were developed to reflect Whidbey General's commitment to excellent community healthcare. A group of employees representing a cross section of our workforce created these standards based on our core values. Our commitment to practice these Standards of Behavior will provide excellent health care for our community and a positive work environment.


We provide GREAT SERVICE through PASSION FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. We demonstrate kindness and respect through our behaviors and interactions with our customers, their families, and one another. We put our customers first by empathizing wholly with those we serve.

BE CUSTOMER FOCUSED - We ask our customers what they need and want.
• We know our audience and explore our options.
• We know and utilize our resources.
• We know our organization’s mission.

BE KIND - Treat people as they would like to be treated. We attend to our customers’ needs with the knowledge this may be their worst day ever. We make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. We are kind to our customers and their families, We are kind to our coworkers and we are kind to ourselves. We make each interaction an opportunity to assist.
• If someone looks confused we will ask how we can help.
• If they are lost or need directions, we will take them where they need to go.
• If someone requires an escort to their vehicle, we will assist with a willing attitude.

APPLY RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION SKILLS – When we communicate, our reputation is on the line. We are pleasant, helpful and we listen. Communication modes include but are not limited to email, telephone, cell phones, text messaging, Nextel and interpersonal communication.

PRESENT A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – We greet others in a way that welcomes them. We project an open posture, make eye contact, smile, say hello, introduce ourselves, call people by name, ask how they would like to be addressed and extend a few words of concern.

TAKE TIME FOR COURTESY AND CONSIDERATION – Kind words and polite gestures make people feel special. People may forget what we said or what we did, but will never forget how we made them feel.

KEEP PEOPLE INFORMED AND RESPOND QUICKLY – People are always less anxious when they know what is going on.
• We explain what we are doing and what the customer can expect.
• We communicate delays or changes as they occur.

TAKE THE INITIATIVE – We do what needs to be done. We are prepared and willing to do it effectively, correctly and in a timely manner.

PROVIDE SERVICE RECOVERY – We do not blame others or make excuses when problems arise and service recovery is needed. We ask open-ended questions, listen and do all we can to remedy the situation.

EDUCATE AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY – Knowledge and retention increases with each encounter and for this reason we take every opportunity to educate.
• We educate by providing written and/or verbal information prior to, during and after service/s.
• We provide instruction at the customer’s physical, mental and emotional level.
• We take the time to answer questions to ensure understanding.



We demonstrate TEAMWORK by being receptive to one another and embracing our differences as a means to achieving greatness. We treat others the way in which they wish to be treated, every time.

ONE TEAM ~ ONE PURPOSE – We value the complement of skills and experience of the team. We have a clear vision of and are committed to the organization’s goals and expectations.

WE ARE ALL PART OF THE TEAM –We help every customer every time. We help each other. No one sits until we all sit.

WE CONTRIBUTE – We understand our role and the roles of our teammates. We own our role and we are fully committed to the success of the team. We will contribute where ever and whenever we can.

WE COMMUNICATE CONSTRUCTIVELY – We are open and honest with each other through the language of acceptance and appreciation. When giving and receiving feedback, we will focus on the behavior not the person.

WE TRUST EACH OTHER – The heart and soul of every great team is trust. We promote trust by being truthful and kind.

RESPECT - We respect ourselves, the team and our mission. We will respect each individual in every interaction, whatever his or her job.

WE DO NOT CREATE OR LISTEN TO GOSSIP – Gossip undermines the respect of self and others, the team and our mission. We do not make negative, harmful statements. We will ask other team members who engage in gossip to stop.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – We are accountable for our actions, comments and demeanor. We will be equally accountable to all members of our team. We accept responsibility for the team’s actions. We will hold our teammates accountable through constructive feedback.

EMBRACE LEADERSHIP – We will lead when asked. When it is time to follow, we will follow. When leading we will have the best interest of the group at heart. We will be a good role model.



We provide QUALITY through connection, communication, concentration and compassion which are the foundation of the quality experience at WGH. We ensure it by creating a safe, consistent patient and staff experience through best practice.

LISTEN – We listen to the concerns, complaints and comments of our patients/customers without passing judgment in order to provide individualized care. We listen for the personal story.

QUALITY BEGINS AT THE FIRST IMPRESSION – We are knowledgeable, compassionate and available in everything we do. We will create a positive first impression.
• We provide a clean environment.
• We maintain a professional appearance.
• We are attentive through introduction, explanation and therapeutic touch.

ESTABLISH TRUST – We build and demonstrate trust.
• We keep our word and follow through.
• We follow standards of practice to provide consistency.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE – We show compassion, make an investment in people and are always aware of how our actions impact others. We are the person and role model that we expect others to be.
• We provide timely and accurate education and/or instruction.
• We exceed expectations.
• We know our surroundings and act appropriately.

TAKE A CARING APPROACH – If we see behavior or practice not up to standard, we are accountable to provide tactful feedback.
• If we remain quiet, it speaks of approval.
• We use feedback as an opportunity for personal growth.

CREATE A SAFE, HEALING ENVIRONMENT – We handle with care; imagining we are on the receiving end of the experience.
• We slow down and concentrate on the task at hand.
• We protect and respect the privacy and confidentiality of all.
• We create a quiet environment.
• We focus communication on appropriate topics.
• We know and follow protocols, care guidelines and standards of practice



We use INNOVATION in a meaningful way to catalyze our work in order to best meet the ever-changing needs of our community. We remain open minded and curious in exploring new ideas and opportunities for the purpose of continuous improvement.

• We inspire others to embrace their passion and reach for their highest potential to create the WOW experience.
• We display confidence, both verbal and nonverbal.

BE CUSTOMER FOCUSED – We connect with customers to understand their concerns, needs and expectations.
• We know our audience and explore our options.
• We communicate changes to key stakeholders/audience.
• We know and utilize our resources.
• We know our organization’s mission.

ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY – We empower a culture of innovation.
• We believe in our ability to be creative.
• We encourage and reward new ideas.
• We are intellectually curious.
• We recognize that there are no fixed paths towards healing. We accept new ways of doing something, always keeping the expected outcome in mind.
• We deliver solutions, not problems.

COMMUNICATE INNOVATIONS THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS - We communicate updates and changes as they occur for the continuity and effectiveness of care.

EVERY ATTEMPT PROVIDES OPPORTUNITIES FOR INNOVATION – Big ideas require passion to push forward through challenges.
• If at first we do not succeed, we will try again.
• Innovation is about finding the next right answer.
• We will challenge our process to achieve success.

ACKNOWLEDGE AND CELEBRATE ACCOMPLISHMENTS – We honor personal, departmental and organizational successes.
• We share success stories and accomplishments.
• We show appreciation for a job well done


I was made comfortable by all staff.
They were attentive, cheerful and efficient.


Everyone at Whidbey General focuses on achieving the best possible patient outcomes.

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