Whidbey General Hospital

Quality is Our Highest Priority

The Board of Commissioners is charged with ensuring that Whidbey General provide high quality care to all our patients, all the time. It is our highest priority and something we take very personally. Everyone associated with the hospital is absolutely committed to this objective.

We all envision a system in which those who give care take great pride in their work, and those who receive care are confident in the care they receive. Providing a safe environment with the highest possible quality health care is at the very core of our Patients First philosophy. It is deeply embedded in the fabric of this hospital.


Embracing Quality

Doctors We are committed to recruiting and retaining a highly qualified and experienced staff. We have a very skilled and professional nursing staff, and all our physicians must be credentialed before they can practice in the hospital and are regularly monitored via a rigorous peer review process.

Our Quality Program is supported by a medical director and the equivalent of two full-time staff persons. This program follows up on patient feedback and proactively searches for performance improvement and risk reduction opportunities. The program tracks our progress on national patient safety goals and evidence-based medicine, comparing our results against other hospitals across the country. We take action to remedy situations where gaps exist between our results and established best practices. We are one of very few hospitals having public goals that are published twice each year so the community can clearly see our results.

Nurse with patientWe provide a full-time hospitalist physician to care for inpatients. Hospitalists care exclusively for hospitalized patients and specialize in co-managing patient care, especially for individuals with multiple acute conditions such as heart disease, pulmonary disease and septic infections. Hospitalists build relationships with primary care physicians in the community and coordinate treatment with these providers to ensure continuity, safety and a high level of quality for hospitalized patients.

We are dedicated to creating a culture that recognizes that error is usually caused by system failures. The key to keeping the same error from reoccurring is not "Who did it?" but rather, "What happened?" In this culture we welcome and encourage open and honest communication so we can continually learn and improve.

Whidbey General is committed to having well-informed patients and families playing an active role in treatment decisions. We know that family and patient involvement speeds recovery. If you or a family member utilizes hospital services, please know that all our staff welcomes questions and supports your desire to become involved. Don’t be afraid to ask. No question is unimportant. No caregiver is too busy to stop and talk with you. Some key areas you might want to ask about are:

        • Medications
        • Pain--always let your care team know if you are in pain.
        • Falling. If you are worried about falling, please ask for assistance if you have to get out of bed. You and your family are a critical part of your care team. Become involved, it will speed your recovery.
        • Issues affecting your comfort such as room temperature, getting something to eat or even changing to a different bed.
        • Any other concerns you have regarding your care or experience. Let us know, so any issues can be resolved.

Tech in surgeryThe main goal of our Quality Program is your overall experience with our care delivery system. If you are not satisfied, we have failed, no matter how good your clinical care. We recognize that every patient defines quality for themselves, and therefore, we must give you the personalized service you expect. High patient satisfaction is vital to our continuing ability to serve the community in the manner you demand.

We realize that quality is a never-ending journey that requires our daily focus and dedication. This commitment is why you can always choose Whidbey General with confidence and trust.




I was made comfortable by all staff.
They were attentive, cheerful and efficient.


Everyone at Whidbey General focuses on achieving the best possible patient outcomes.

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