Whidbey General Hospital

"Great Projects Come from Great Clients"

Peter Damento, Senior Project Designer for HDR Architecture, talks about the schematic design of our new wing.
"Great Projects Come from Great Clients"

CLICK ON IMAGE: This drawing shows one of the potential designs of our new wing, with current building in the background.

Schematic design of the new addition began in August and concludes in November. During this phase, the design team, working with Whidbey General Hospital staff, continued to develop earlier approved concepts in more detail. Working with consultants, we began site development, which includes locating the new addition and indicating new parking, roadways, utilities and site grading.

We began the building design, developing room-by-room layouts and studying how users will circulate through the new addition and how the addition connects to the existing hospital. We also began preliminary design on mechanical, electrical and structural systems.

This is an exciting phase of the work where we begin to develop the architectural language (character) of the project, which includes the building’s general size and shape, window size and placement and materials. We also explore ways to connect to the unique pastoral countryside of Whidbey Island. Evidenced-based design indicates that the connection to nature, natural light and views support a healing environment.

Room Mock-UpDuring this phase of the work we begin to look at sustainability opportunities. We have completed a workshop with the hospital’s Green Team that identified goals for the project. We will explore many opportunities that include energy-efficient mechanical systems, use of LED lighting, maximizing natural light and the use of green finishes in the interior.

After schematic design we begin design development, which is a refinement of the project in more detail. This includes detailed layouts of medical equipment, lighting, communication and mechanical systems. We will begin to look at all the aspects of the architectural design including landscaping and site details.

As project designer I am very excited about our progress. Whidbey General Hospital’s leadership, medical staff and employees have embraced the process and added their commitment and vision. After many years working in the architectural profession I have found that great projects come from great clients, and I am thrilled to say we are well on our way to designing a great project for the Whidbey Island community.

Peter Damento

(Above right) A cardboard mock-up room provided a chance to better understand the scope, design and scale of our project. Post-it notes indicated potential placement of various items; visitors left notes with comments and suggestions.

Peter Damento is Senior Project Designer for HDR Architecture, the firm hired to design our new wing and related improvements.

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